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MODS’17 – Microwave Devices and Systems





The annual 18th Lithuanian-Belarusian workshop “Advanced Microwave Devices and Systems” was held in Vilnius on 2017 December 8-9. This conference is being organized by IEEE Lithuania and Belarus Sections joint Microware Theory and Techniques Chapters. This year conference subject was Advanced Microwave Devices and Systems. This workshop takes place in Vilnius on an odd years and in Minsk on even years. The workshop was successful. There were more than 35 participants, 13 high scientific and technical level oral presentations. It is important to note that the scientific teams which participated were composed not only from experienced experts: Dr. Boris Levitas (JSC Geozondas), Jakovas Rososkis and Oleg Zaytsev (JSC Eltesta), Dr. Sci. Dmitry Tatarnikov (Topcon Corporation), Aleksandr Mamajev (JSC Lime Microsystems), Dr. Habil Žilvinas Chancellor (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology), Dr. (HP) Vytautas Urbanavičius, Dr. Habil Romualdas Navickas, Dr. Habil. Sergei Malyshev (SSPA) but also young scientists: Dr. Karolis Kiela (JSC Lime Microsystems), Tomaš Tankeliun (VGTU), Dr. Alexander Chizh (SSPA), Dr. Monika Kirsnytė, Raimonda Celiešiūtė, Dr. Tatyana Gric (VGTU), Kiryl Mikitchuk (SSPA). There were active discussions during the workshop sessions, all presentations received interesting questions from the audience. Active discussions continued during coffee breaks, lunch break and even during the gala dinner, and on December 9 discussions took place at the premises of Geozondas Ltd. The scientific discussions gave impetus to creation of the innovative ideas and further development of cooperation. We want to say thank you for all the participants of the workshop and invite to 19th workshop which will be held next year in Minsk.

Sponsors of the conference:
• Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
• Geozondas Ltd.

• IEEE Lithuania Section
• IEEE Lithuania AP/ED/MTT Joint Chapter
• IEEE Belarus MTT/EP Joint Chapter
• IEEE Lithuania Education Chapter

The conference program:

MODS’17 program